11 usages for silicone rings that you did not know

11 usages for silicone rings that you did not know

The majority of our clients buy our silicone rings so that they can use them in their active lifestyles - or so we thought. Turns out that people are finding many more uses for their new super comfortable silicone rings. These are the most common application, and by no means is this list complete.

New Parents

Nothing can compare with the absolute joy of becoming new parents, and nothing can compare with the abrupt change in lifestyle either. Many parents opt to make their home baby safe - and some parents go as far to make their hands baby safe. Silicone rings are great for making sure that you do not accidentally scratch your baby. Some new mothers enjoy using the silicone rings as markers on their hands to remind them on side they fed their baby last.

Medical Staff

Silicone rings are hygienic. But for many operational staff it does not stop there. Moving around beds and  working close to machinery with large magnets is not ideal for the traditional wedding bands. Many doctors and nurses then choose to simply not wear their wedding rings. We can see from their feedback that they now choose a silicone ring 

Airport Staff

Many individuals working in the areas where you and me never go, cant go there with their wedding rings. Stringent customs requirements prevents them from wearing anything that can set off those metal detectors. 


We were proven here wrong too. We knew that silicone rings would be a product that only younger people would enjoy - not true. Apparently there are many gardeners who would like to wear jewellery when doing what they love best - Getting their hands dirty. The washing of a silicone rings afterwards is quick and easy - And if it gets lost and you bought one of our three packs, then you two spares anyway. 


These guys work hard and get down and dirty only to be rewarded with a finger that gets stuck in tight space or a serious electrical burn from an alternator. To all our mechanics - be safe and rather go with a silicone ring that will not give you any of these problems


Musicians, specifically guitar players, struggle to keep moving their hands around their instrument silent. Traditional wedding rings can be a bother in this as it hits the neck of the guitar, creating unwanted sounds when your instrument is plugged in. A silicone wedding ring wont have that problem. It is silent on the instrument and helps prevent damage to your expensive guitar


Avoiding detection, means being unseen and unheard. Shiny jewellery, and rings that make a noise against your gun or bow can increase your detection. Hunters go for silicone rings for these reasons. 

Horse Riding

Keeping those reigns in can be painful when you have a hard wedding ring on. Our customers with a more equine disposition go for silicone rings so they will not hurt their hands


Whether on the trail or on the road, our rings are making their appearances at many finish lines. The lighter weight does not bother quite so much with every swing of your arm. 


Silicone rings can stretch and adapt to your movements. Your fingers will shrink when exposed to water for too long, and bye bye expensive wedding ring. Swimming with  a silicone replacement will protect your wedding ring, and will not come of as easily.


Traditional wedding rings get in they way of our customers swing. Silicone rings can compress and stretch easily leaving our customers focussed on their swing.