Women's Diamond Stackable Silicone Rings - 3 Pack

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Build your stack. Our Diamond Stackable Silicone rings lets you create your own look to fit your style. Pair your rings with your exercise gear, or compliment your outfit with our trendy accent colours.

  • Customise your stack: Build your own repertoire of colours from our colour options and stack them with our endurance range and other stackable rings.
  • Proper Stuff: Made form the finest grade silicone to set the standard for South African silicone rings
  • Super Comfortable: Our flexible design is ultra comfortable, even when lifting weights and handling tools. Designed to be comfortable even with swelling fingers.
  • Safe: Our rings are engineered to keep your fingers safe on the job and at the gym - and prevents ring avulsion.
  • Style: Our Colour options were hand crafted to provide elegant and modern options for our discerning customers

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Customer Reviews

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Rings are great. Came quickly and had no trouble. Will order again soon

Fantastic service

I've eyed silicone rings for a while now. Not a serious runner but I do love my outdoorsy sports, and also wearing rings. Unfortunately they don't go well together ... unless it's these silicone rings! I ordered a set of diamond stackables and a men's ring, paid for it, and hoped that I would receive it on time for my holiday about 12 days later (so that I can give the men's ring to its recipient). I received my order within two business days. Everything was handled smoothly and the sizing charts are perfect. The rings are incredibly comfortable; we love them. I'm now wearing one of mine daily, even when I'm just working at my desk. I'll definitely be back to order more! Thank you!

Women’s silicone ring

Great service great quality


Absolutely fantastic. Very happy client. Thank you.

Xmas gift

Great delivery time and wife loves the rings!!!

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