Ultralight Silicone Ring

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Your Silicone Ring just got a whole lot lighter, and even more comfortable!

Our Ultralight range is the slender sister to our tough and durable original silicone ring - Proving you with even more freedom - and even some more formality.

Take it to the office Our ultralight range comes in two metallic options that can fit with any suit, and suits the preference of our client that get in the office through the day, and need to be active elsewhere. 

Gender Bender: These rings don't care if you are man woman or animal. If you like, put an Ultralight Silicone ring on it. Some people would say unisex.

Not as tough - Just as good: Although these silicone rings re not as tough as our Original Range, they simply look incredible. Still with all the benefits of wearing a freeform silicone ring:

  • Proper Stuff: Made form the finest grade silicone to set the standard for South African silicone rings.
  • Super Comfortable: Our flexible design is ultra comfortable, even when lifting weights and handling tools. Designed to be comfortable even with swelling fingers.
  • Safe: Our rings are engineered to keep your fingers safe on the job and at the gym - and prevents ring avulsion.
  • Style: Our Colour options were hand crafted to provide elegant and modern options for our discerning customers

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Ring Dimensions: 6mm wide, 1mm thick

Customer Reviews

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Excellent service!


Love my free form rings. So comfortable you forget you are wearing one. Also enjoy matching my ring with my iWatch bands. Great product!

Ultrathin Navy Ring

Love my ring, thank you.

Really doesn't even feel like it's there

I bought this bad boy for my husband and this is his feedback: "I'm a rock climber and climbing with jewelry is VERY dangerous (don't google "degloving"). This ring doesn't need to be taken on and off constantly as it's safe to exercise with and climb with. Plus, it fits over enlarged climber's knuckles and calluses. Plus plus, I don't even feel it on me. Perfect!"

Best Buy

My husband loves his ring! Very comfortable and can hardly feel the ring.