Are Silicone Rings Really Better for Your Skin?

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Are Silicone Rings Really Better for Your Skin?

Being kind to your skin - and taking care of it is always a good idea. No matter where you go or who you are - you are going to need it! One nice thing about Freeform Silicone Rings is that not only do they look dashing, are affordable, and safe - they are made of silicone, which is kinder to your skin than other metals and alloys that you find in traditional wedding rings. So why, do you ask, is Freeform Silicone Rings kinder to your skin?

Silicone Rings will not rip your skin

Most people do not know that metal and alloy rings can be a danger to your finger. Ring Avulsion is real and you can get seriously hurt. Ring Avulsion happens when you suffer a traumatic injury and the rings becomes trapped, and gets caught on something during the accident. If the ring cannot move freely off the finger in an accident, it will end up ripping the skin and the damaging the finger's muscles severely.

But - Silicone rings will not rip your skin or damage your finger muscles when you have an accident. Freeform Silicone Rings are designed to break apart when caught on something - leaving your finger in tact. A silicone ring is a much safer alternative if you participate in contact sports, work with your hands, operate machinery or come in frequent contact where your chances of a hand injury is higher.

Silicone Rings are Hypoallergenic

Many individuals become sensitive to the metals or alloys in their traditional wedding rings, which causes irritation,rashes and in serious cases infection. Silicone is hypoallergenic - so it very rarely triggers any type of allergic reaction. Many individuals move over to Silicone rings after becoming allergic to their current wedding band

Freeform Silicone rings allows for air circulation

If a ring is too tight, or have been worn for extended periods of time, some people's skin will become discoloured, soft, and sensitive. This is not an uncommon occurrence and happens when moisture is trapped under the skin, and is not allowed to breathe. Because silicone is softer, it moves a bit more freely on your finger, allowing for occasional air to come in contact with our skin - contributing to your skin's health

Parting Thoughts

Silicone is a safe, non-toxic, hypoallergenic material that can give you a healthier alternative to traditional wedding rings. It is very easy to care for, affordable, and wont hurt your skin when you have an accident that would have otherwise left your finger truly damaged. 

You can know that if you choose to switch entirely over to Freeform Silicone Rings, or if you buy it as a stand-in when you are taking part in high-risk activities, you have made a healthier decision for you skin


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