Signs that your ring is too tight

Signs that your ring is too tight

Before we talk about your ring – let’s talk about your fingers. Most of us have ten of them, and that’s not about to change (you hope). But what does change is the size of your fingers. We are not talking about the growth of your fingers with age, but rather the swelling and general change of your fingers on a daily basis. There are many things that can influence this: Hotter and colder days, working with your hands and even your stress levels.

Now this is all just fine, since you are in no real harm over the course of a week or so – but it does become a problem when your ring is too tight for a long amount of time. Complications can occur, some benign, and some serious. Some of the dangers or a ring that is too tight is cutting off the blood circulation, and not allowing the skin to breathe. In most severe cases the ring has to be removed – and if it’s not a silicone ring, perhaps even cut off by a doctor.

But how do you know if the ring is too tight? Here are some of the signs that you can look out for.

1 - You cannot take your ring off

Probably the most important one. If you are struggling to take off your ring, it’s too tight. We would recommend that you try and remove the ring. Just like when you were little - get some soap and see if you can remove that bad boy before you are at risk of causing damage to your finger. 

2 - You cannot turn the ring

Try turning your ring freely while it is on your hand. If it does not turn, go a size up. Your skin below the finger needs to breathe and get a break. Remember that you would probably not be able to turn the ring when it’s hot, so try in the morning after you have rested well, and your body temperature is down.

3: You are feeling needles and pins

Are you getting that sensation that feels like a dead leg – but it’s a dead finger? Your ring is too tight. If you are aware of your ring most of the time and keep feeling the ring just make sure that the ring can turn it, and you can take it off easily. This one does not count for newly married men, who can’t stop playing with their new rings - they are aware of their all the time...

So now you know some of the signs to look out for, and some of the dangers when your rings are too tight, it almost seems as if it makes little sense to wear a ring that is made of metal, doesn’t it? Silicone rings can stretch, and bend and take form to adapt to your daily difference in finger shape. We have a variety to choose from for both men and women.

If you need to make sure that you have the right finger size, just follow this link to get your ring size, and start getting more comfortable.

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