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Silicone Rings and pregnancy

Silicone Rings and pregnancy


Silicone rings are becoming a real thing - they are much more visible. People are getting use to it as a comfortable alternative to traditional metal wedding rings. We have also seen how popular they are becoming for new and pregnant moms - you deserve all the comfort you can get! 

Pregnancy changes your body - in more ways than one

There are plenty of changes that happens once you are pregnant. Your body is getting ready to produce a whole new human - and will start to swell. This swelling has to do with excess water - and the purposes are quite specific

  • the additional water helps to soften tissues in your body. This makes it easier to expand to allow for the growing baby.
  • In addition, your pelvic joints and other tissues are being softened up - so that when delivery day comes everything can stretch enough for delivery.

But the swelling happens everywhere in your body - particularly in your joints: your feet, legs, hands and fingers. Wearing a metal wedding ring will not be comfortable for long - these rings cannot stretch so you will feel like taking off your rings often, or all the time. So plenty of women simply take of their rings - but the swelling starts as early as the beginning of the second trimester - and our customers feel that is a long time without a ring.

More benefits - after the little one arrives

Life after delivery is tense, and crazy. Cute as they are, these tiny humans come with a stressful and messy time. New parents learn quickly that babies create incredible messes. And this does not get better if they're toddlers. Somehow their talents for destruction and general messiness really shine then. Your hands will get dirty, guaranteed. Wearing your prized diamond ring will only soil it enough times for you to store it away for even longer.

Diamond rings are a scratchy business too - especially if it sticks out with a big setting. These can also be a hazard for scratching your newborn's skin - and that wont feel good for either you or your baby. A silicone ring can help avoid all this.

Our silicone rings are comfortable, and soft. They cannot get in the way of you taking on the tasks and trials of motherhood. They super easy to clean - just soap and water. And if you are really feeling like taking it further you can boil it in a pot for 20 minutes to remove all germs. You can even pop it in the dishwasher.

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