Silicone rings are made for movement, made for comfort and made to to be worn uninhibited. You never need to take them off, and they treat your fingers and skin with respect.

Discount for life. If you have made a first purchase with us, all your following purchases are at 10% off, forever. Go on test it. Use the discount code Thankyou10 when you check out. 

New Designs, new smiles. We update our collection with new colours and new designs, and have a ton for you to choose from. Select your favourites in each and design your own style.

Easy, hassle free exchanges. If you are unhappy with your size, or if the rings are not for you, we would be happy to assist in your exchange. You can start this online.

Safe on the job. Our rings are perfect for what life throws at you. Our rings are used in many industries as an alternative to traditional wedding rings. 

Easy on the pocket. If you are considering going silicone rings only - your wallet would be SO happy. If you take some of our combo packs, then even more savings to you.

Light and comfortable. Our rings are super light and comfortable. Many of out customers say that it's like wearing nothing at all. And who doesn't want to feel like that every day

Made from the right stuff. Freeform Silicone Rings are made from proper stuff. Food grade silicone that soft and supple, unlike many of the new "silicone" ring companies that we see lately. But the right stuff, it's worth it.

Hygienic. Our rings are made from food grade silicone. That makes it easy to clean, and sterile. Things won't get stuck in it or to it.

Hypoallergenic. Another point for us! Our rings are made from hypoallergenic food grade silicone - not other rubbers. So you won't have an allergic reaction to these. 

Our customers love us. Just check out all the reviews and love we get from our customers. Tens of thousands of happy customers. Just stick to the guys who know that they are doing. stick to Freeform Rings.

Quick Delivery. We keep our own stock. So we ship your parcel on the day after your order. That's quick-quick


Based on 3426 reviews
Freeform Rings
Tammy du Plessis (Port Elizabeth, ZA)
Amazing Couple's Combo.

Ordered the rings easily. Delivered in good time and Janie was very helpful. Will really buy more! Best Silicone rings ever! Will recommend for everyone.

Freeform Rings
Monette van Zyl (Cape Town, ZA)
So happy with my Freeform women's Ultralight - Three Pack

Ordered on Sunday received it early Wednesday morning. Great service! Rings fit perfectly and the quality is great. Love how they can stack. I got the black, sand pink and metallic silver.

Freeform Rings
Quick and hassle free

So happy with our rings and the entire shopping experience. The website is very informative. My husband and I ordered 27 July and our rings arrived 28 July. Super impressed, right size, right colours. Great experience from start to finish. Thank you

Freeform Rings
Gillian Jacobs-Dirks (Cape Town, ZA)
Freeform experience

So happy with our rings. i have sensitive skin and hubby loves working out. suits our lifestyle perfectly. Freeform, we are so humbled by the service and gift we received to pay it forward especially during this time. We will keep you updated.
xxx Gills & Lentino

Freeform Rings
Kauthar Scheepers (Cape Town, ZA)
Awesome product!

Love the freeform silicone rings . Ordered one for my husband and he loves his ring! Perfect for working . Thank for an awesome product . delivery was super fast as well ! A big Thumbs up.👍👏

Freeform Rings
Kim Hauman (Johannesburg, ZA)
Love it!

With all the hand washing and sanitizing I was finding it hard to wear my diamond ring and so I needed something simpler for day to day. So this is my corona ring now, haha!
It is so light I hardly feel it and it is very dainty which suits my small hands - very happy <3

Freeform Rings
N.Kruger (Johannesburg, ZA)
Outstanding product and service!!

We are very happy with our rings, Lovely product, amazing service, Highly recommended.
Thank you 😁

Freeform Rings
Lorette (Johannesburg, ZA)
Great product!

Fits perfectly. Great product. Quick delivery.

Freeform Rings
An-Louise (Worcester, ZA)
Great product and great service!

My husband and I bought the Combo pack as a better option when we work and do not want to damage our original rings. From buying it online to delivery it took less than a week and delivery is cheap. The service was great from the end to the start. I was a bit skeptic, about wearing a silicone ring, but it is the BEST it is the most comfortable ring to wear and I love it!

Freeform Rings
Natasha Amber (Johannesburg, ZA)
Incredible product and service

Highly recommend Free Form Silicone rings! Service and delivery so unbelievable. Wish I could rate higher!! Thank you for your incredible service!

Freeform Rings
Vince Schaper (Brits, ZA)
Just plain awesome!!

I found your site completely by accident and took the decision to buy a his/hers combo. The ordering process was very easy and fast. I placed my order yesterday after lunch (1st August) and received at 14h30 today (2nd August). Thank you, its always nice to receive good service and I would certainly recommend Freeform Rings to everyone.

Freeform Rings
Tani (Pretoria, ZA)
Great Service

Great Service! I ordered the wrong size, it was no problem, hassle free.

Freeform Rings
Carole Schoeman (Pretoria, ZA)
Super fast turnaround time on order

Wow! I placed my order yesterday afternoon and it's just been delivered just before 10:00 the next day. I absolutely hate wearing any form of jewelry but this is perfect, I can barely feel it. I'm sure my husband is going to be just as pleased with his.

Super duper fast service, I like it!

Freeform Rings
Chanel Schönfeldt (Cape Town, ZA)
Fantastic service

I ordered a 3 pack rings for my husband. It was the wrong size, but the exchange was super easy and professional. Speedy email responses and a great quality product. I am very impressed!

Freeform Rings
Alida Viljoen (Port Elizabeth, ZA)
Superfast & fantastic service; ridiculously comfy rings

Placed my second order of rings yesterday, it was shipped the same day and I've just received it. Outstanding!
I've started wearing the diamond stackables for running (my usual silver rings became too tight) and I hardly even feel them.
Will definitely order again (there's SO many to choose from)! :)

Freeform Rings
Helen (Cape Town, ZA)
Excellent Service

Thank you for your Excellent service!! We love our His and Hers!! Oh, and also love the box it came rock too! ;)

Freeform Rings
Michelle Lake (Durban, ZA)
Happy Dance

Well BOOM ...I'm blown away!!!

Your service has been amazing!
I received my His & Hers Combo rings today, having placed my order yesterday & could not be happier!

The ring colours are exactly as displayed, the measuring guide super helpful, they are super light & comfortable to wear.

I am always a little apprehensive ordering items online, however dealing with you has been such a pleasant experience.

Thank you!

Freeform Rings
Lizelle Olivier (Johannesburg, ZA)
Amazing Service

Im so Impressed with the service and turn around time from order to delivery!
I will be ordering more again soon!

Freeform Rings
Anel (Pretoria, ZA)
His & Hers Combo + Stackables

Truely great products!! Friendly staff giving exceptional service AND after service, QUICK response! I would recommend them to everyone who wants awesome rings

Freeform Rings
Rone (Pretoria, ZA)
Ultralight silicone ring

Such a great product. Will definitely be buying all the colours. Really impressed with the look of the gun metal ring.

Freeform Rings
Johane Matthee (Cape Town, ZA)
Great Service

I ordered my husband's ring Friday afternoon and received it Monday morning. Very impressed with the fast service. I was also not sure what ring size to get, I messaged and received feedback in minutes. With the courier cost it was still cheaper than the retailers. Thank you! I can't wait to give my husband his ring.

Freeform Rings
Megan Tromp (Reitz, ZA)
What a fanatastic idea!!

I bought rings for my husband and I, and I couldn't be more impressed. My husband works a lot with cars and many times has to clean parts with petrol. He showed me the one day that his ring had expanded to twice the size!! I was shocked and thought that I would have to buy him a new one, to my relief he told me that it wasn't needed as it would shrink back to size. And it did!!

So glad that I found these rings.

Freeform Rings
MariaM (Brits, ZA)
No mess no fuss

Thoroughly Impressed. Everything from the ordering, delivery to the product was easy, efficient and great quality. Can't wait to order the new gun metal ones.

Freeform Rings
Paul (Johannesburg, ZA)
Excellent Service and Product

Excellent, Fast and Reliable Service. Wonderful Product!

Freeform Rings
Werner (Pretoria, ZA)
Awesome idea for an active lifestyle

I bought the combo pack before we left for honeymoon and it was really a good investment. Worked perfectly for diving and sailing and withstood the sea water well!