Why Freeform Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings are made for movement, made for comfort and made to to be worn uninhibited. You never need to take them off, and they treat your fingers and skin with respect.

Discount for life. If you have made a first purchase with us, all your following purchases are at 10% off, forever. Go on test it. Use the discount code Thankyou10 when you check out. 

New Designs, new smiles. We update our collection with new colours and new designs, and have a ton for you to choose from. Select your favourites in each and design your own style.

Easy, hassle free exchanges. If you are unhappy with your size, or if the rings are not for you, we would be happy to assist in your exchange. You can start this online.

Safe on the job. Our rings are perfect for what life throws at you. Our rings are used in many industries as an alternative to traditional wedding rings. 

Easy on the pocket. If you are considering going silicone rings only - your wallet would be SO happy. If you take some of our combo packs, then even more savings to you.

Light and comfortable. Our rings are super light and comfortable. Many of out customers say that it's like wearing nothing at all. And who doesn't want to feel like that every day

Made from the right stuff. Freeform Silicone Rings are made from proper stuff. Food grade silicone that soft and supple, unlike many of the new "silicone" ring companies that we see lately. But the right stuff, it's worth it.

Hygienic. Our rings are made from food grade silicone. That makes it easy to clean, and sterile. Things won't get stuck in it or to it.

Hypoallergenic. Another point for us! Our rings are made from hypoallergenic food grade silicone - not other rubbers. So you won't have an allergic reaction to these. 

Our customers love us. Just check out all the reviews and love we get from our customers. Tens of thousands of happy customers. Just stick to the guys who know that they are doing. stick to Freeform Rings.

Quick Delivery. We keep our own stock. So we ship your parcel on the day after your order. That's quick-quick