His and Hers Combo Pack

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Don't forget your better half! Buy a His and Her's set. Also perfect for a soon to be wed couple - so they don't take their valuable new bling with them on honeymoon. 

Step up your game. Our Original Silicone Rings are a classic and timeless take on silicone rings. Each of our silicone rings are made from the finest grade silicone, providing comfort and style. Our Silicone rings will serve as the perfect silicone wedding band or as your active lifestyle ring, whether you are on the job, in the gym or conquering the great outdoors.

  • Proper Stuff: Made form the finest grade silicone to set the standard for South African silicone rings.
  • Super Comfortable: Our flexible design is ultra comfortable, even when lifting weights and handling tools. Designed to be comfortable even with swelling fingers.
  • Safe: Our rings are engineered to keep your fingers safe on the job and at the gym - and prevents ring avulsion.
  • Style: Our Colour options were hand crafted to provide elegant and modern options for our discerning customers
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Customer Reviews

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I love the matching rings my husband and I wear to gym. I just wish I knew the rings would be very tight, I should’ve purchased a bigger size. Thanks


His and Hers Combo Pack


This is the most comfortable ring I have ever worn. You don't even feel it on your finger while cycling or spinning. Just love it!

His and hers

Love them!

A great buy for outdoorsy people!

We absolutely love our silicon rings. We spend a lot of time climbing or with our dogs, and it's just too stressful to be taking a gold ring off and on all the time. Silicon rings are perfect for outdoor weekends and for all the activities we do. I would have liked the option to get the thinner version for my partner as he prefers it but there's only one width option for men's rings. Otherwise, love them!